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Factors That Impacted Effective Diabetes Management Within...

Type Two Diabetes Both quantitative and qualitative research studies provide healthcare professionals with valuable information, albeit from different perspectives. While quantitative studies emphasize numerical and statistical measurements, qualitative studies focus on themes and concepts related to a phenomenon. The following discussion contrasts these two types of research approaches as they relate to the topic of type 2 diabetes mellitus and considers the value of qualitative research within the body of science. Comparison of Two Articles Some differences existed between two articles in the literature that addressed the topic of type 2 diabetes, each one from a different approach. Fuller, et al. (2015) conducted a quantitative†¦show more content†¦Thus, qualitative data is rich in detail, unlike quantitative data, which involves discrete data points. The data collection methods also differed between these two articles. Fuller, et al. (2015) conducted physical assessments, including the measurement of cholesterol levels in blood and vital signs, nutritional analysis, and several different questionnaires. The questions on these surveys were closed-ended and yielded numerical findings. In contrast, Shaw, et al. (2013) conducted individual interviews using open-ended questions. These interviews yielded a narrative, rather than numbers. The data analysis methods reflected the types of data collected. Fuller, et al. (2015) used statistical tests, such as linear regression and ANOVA, to analyze the numerical data. Shaw, et al. (2013), on the other hand, analyzed transcribed narratives for the presence of recurring themes. The analysis procedures for the quantitative study were conducted using computer software, but the analysis of the qualitative study conducted by careful reading and manual coding of narrative data. Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative and Qualitative Studies Quantitative studies possess some of advantages and disadvantages when compared with other approaches. Advantages of qualitative studies include a large sample size, objectivity, less time-consuming data collection, and the

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Should There Be A Minimum Wage - 3645 Words

Andre’ Moss-Hayes Mr. Hance Senior English 05 December 2014 Should There Be A Minimum Wage? In today’s times, there is a lot of debate going on about the wages of workers all around the nation. The major question is: Should there be a minimum wage salary that a person can earn? Securing employment is not easy to do in the U.S. at this time, and the rate of compensation is low. When people are paid little to nothing to work an eight hour shift, they get angry because it does not provide enough for them and their families. People who are paid minimum wage fall into this category because minimum wage does not pay enough to provide for basic needs of the average family. The result of this is that people earning minimum wage tend to†¦show more content†¦These both tend to describe certain aspects of wages and salaries as they relate to the benefits extended to employees. Minimum wage came about in 1938, during World War II under President Franklin Roosevelt, and is currently going on. Minimum wage was intended to help the poor, to protect them so that workers could not be cheated by employers who expect too long hours for too little pay; however, in recent years, a lot of people tried to help raise the minimum wage to ten dollars an hour to make it easier for workers in these jobs to make a living. Opponents of the minimum wage increase assert that raising minimum wage would also increase the cost of living for everyone, having an overall negative effect on the economy. There are, however, those who argue that a higher minimum wage would only benefit teen workers. So, would the cost of living go up due to the raise of minimum wage, or would it just benefit teens? In fact the living cost would go up due to a never ending cycle of a wage-price spiral, which says that rising wages increase disposable income, thus raising the demand for goods, and causing prices to rise. Rising prices cause demand for higher wages, which leads to higher production costs and further upward pressure on prices. So, even with a raise in minimum wage, people would still complain for more money due to the wage price spiral, and how everything will increase. However, it would not just benefit teens because the

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Salon Human Resources Management free essay sample

Salon Human Resources Management (HRM) If I’m chosen to receive a SME grant from the state government of RM50, 000 to start a small business, I will open salon in this metropolitan country. Excellence in Human Resources Management will do more for the long-term growth and profitability of a salon than any other product, project or promotion. My aim is to help improve productivity –via- Human Resource management techniques.And to achieve it I provide information, advice, training and a range of services, working with salon employers to prevent HR problems and improve performance and productivity. When I put it in context, the success of my salon depends totally on the willingness and skill of my salon staff to perform their duties: To perform them well and to perform them more often to more clients. As the salon owner, of course I’ll employ stylists and or therapists. These stylists and therapists are responsible for the current state of my business. We will write a custom essay sample on Salon Human Resources Management or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Yes, I manage them and I am responsible for their performance but unless I have been trained or have extensive professional human resources experience my employees will likely be performing below their true potential. The inspirational salon manager realizes that his or her staffs have pride, feelings, aspirations and needs and the take into account that many of them have ambition and want to succeed, whilst others just want to get along.So that, to be an effective Salon Manager I’ll take board and considers of three parties that I mean is the need of the salon business, the needs of employees and the needs of the shareholders. Simply having a set of Salon Employee Contracts and possibly a salon employee book is not enough to constitute a Salon Human Resources Strategy. Further if my salon employee, job description and performance appraisal are not bespoke per salon employee and their specific salon trade, chances are they do not perform their duties to 100% of their revenue building potential.Besides, a salon human resources strategy is concerned with creating congruence between what my salon staff should do, their understanding of their responsibilities as profit centre’s and their ability and willingness to perform their duties profitably for me and the salon. Also a Salon Human Resources Strategy will help me the salon owner or manager to promote a really happy and stable working environment where everyone is growing professionally and the salon is growing profitably.To build a top performing salon team, the team leader needs to install a legislatively correct set of procedures, routines and HR documents designed to promote individual professionalism and profitable salon growth. This begins by installing documents which are bespoke per salon trade and tailored to individual team members, in example Salon Manager, Senior Stylist, Graduate Stylist, Trainee, Receptionist, Beauty Therapist, and Nail Technician etc. Also the salon manager needs to know how to manage the documents and the employees.There is much more to a Salon HR strategy than meets the eye, and when implemented by a knowledgeable manager it enables that salon manager to take control and really boost business performance. What does salon human resources pack is include recrui tment pack for all hair and beauty trades, job description for all salon trades, person specification for all salon trades, employee contract for all salon trades, comprehensive salon employee handbook, performance appraisals for all salon trades, training needs analysis and PDP system for all salon trades and many other form letters, policies and procedural documents.So in conclusion, as well as providing complete Salon Human Resources packs and training we also sell individual documents in including salon employee contracts to make sure all the manpower are continuously growth, efficient and smooth with my salon business. For me without a good human resources management the organization cannot develop.

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Analyse and discuss the extent to which sexual Essays

Analyse and discuss the extent to which sexual Essays Analyse and discuss the extent to which sexual Essay Analyse and discuss the extent to which sexual Essay There are a figure of psychological differences between work forces and adult females that have been documented in the literature. These include the fact that work forces perform better on norm than adult females on undertakings that require motor and spacial accomplishments, while adult females perform better on norm in undertakings that require lingual or verbal accomplishments. This essay will analyze a figure of countries in which differences have been found in the constructions and map of the encephalon, such that differences have been shown between the sexes. In the research on sexual distinction, of import differences have been found in the existent constructions of work forces s and adult females s encephalons. Swaab A ; Hofman ( 1995 ) , in reexamining the function of the hypothalamus in sexual orientation and gender, point out that there are some interesting possible relationships that are opening up in the research. The hypothalamus is thought to be of import in whether a individual feels male or female, their gender individuality, which sex they are attracted to, and it is implicated in sexual behavior. Swaab A ; Hofman ( 1995 ) depict a peculiar portion of the hypothalamus, the sexually dimorphous karyon of the preoptic country ( SDN-POA ) , that has been found to be significantly different in mammalian species. Experiments on rats have shown that the SDN-POA is frequently between three and eight times larger in the male than in the female. When a lesion is applied to rats in the SDN-POA, it changes their sexual behavior. A similar country of the hypothalamus that besides contains an SDN-POA has besides been found in worlds. In work forces it has been found that there are twice every bit many cells in the male hypothalamus than in the female hypothalamus. Other differences have besides been found in the hypothalamus of work forces and adult females in two other cell groups ( INAH2 and INAH3 ) . Swaab A ; Hofman ( 1995 ) explain that from analyzing the growing of these cell groups in worlds it seems that the differences in this country are non seen until after a individual is born, but before they become an grownup. This could be the consequence of the of import function that sex endocrines play either delayed effects from during gestation or as a consequence of coincident hormonal alterations at, for illustration pubescence. The differences discussed so far have concentrated on structural differences between the encephalons of work forces and adult females. These are non the lone differences. There have, nevertheless, been found to be of import differences in how male and female encephalons map. Gur, Mozley, Mozley, Resnick, Karp, Alavi, Arnold A ; Gur ( 1995 ) used antielectron emanation imaging to analyze the metabolic activity in the encephalons of 61 work forces and adult females. When the encephalons of work forces and adult females were compared, no differences were found in any of the non-limbic parts of the encephalon in the occipital, parietal, and frontal countries. There were, nevertheless, differences seen in the termporal-limbic parts: the basal ganglia, the cerebellum and the brain-stem. As parts of the encephalon have been associated with verbal abilities and emotional processing for illustration, Gur et Al. ( 1995 ) pull some probationary illations from the differences that they found. T hey argue that higher comparative metamorphosis in the temporal-limbic system, and, in bend, lower metamorphosis in the buttocks and in-between cingulate convolution could associate to the mean advantage that adult females have in the ability to understand emotions. Gur et Al. ( 1995 ) make indicate out that, overall, the activity in the encephalons of work forces and adult females are, in fact, more similar than they are different. This survey is instead limited in the decisions that can be drawn from it merely because the participants were non asked to transport out any maps and so the encephalon was in a resting province. This means that any peculiar difference in activity, for illustration in verbal map, will non be detected. Besides, the difference that were really found between the sexes are instead little, although statistically important, it is hard to come to any decisions about the sex differences in the human encephalon. Other research workers have examined how specific parts of the encephalon have reacted to different stimulations. Hamann, Herman, Nolan A ; Wallen ( 2004 ) , for illustration, looked at the consequence of ocular sexual stimulation on work forces and adult females, and peculiarly in the amygdaloid nucleus and the hypothalamus. Hamann et Al. ( 2004 ) study that research has shown that work forces by and large have a greater response to ocular sexual stimulations than adult females. Twenty-four immature grownups, half male and half female, participated in this survey which involved functional magnetic resonance imagings scanning while sing ocular stimulation. The ocular stimulations were split into four groups: two that were sexual and two non-sexual. The sexual stimulations were of twosomes engaged in sex and bare images of members of the opposite sex. The non-sexual stimulations were a control of a arrested development cross, and pictures affecting interaction between males and femal es with no sexual overtones. The consequences showed that it was in the hypothalamus and the amygdaloid nucleus that differences were seen between the sexes. In the analysis Hamann et Al. ( 2004 ) compared the consequences obtained when the participants looked at the arrested development cross with those obtained when the participants were looking at the twosome engaged in sexual activity. These were used because they were found to be the most extremely contrasting stimulations. Importantly, these findings of higher activation in work forces were besides found even when adult females reported higher rousing than work forces from the images. Again, when the research workers looked across wide countries of encephalon maps instead than the specific countries of the hypothalamus and the amygdaloid nucleus, they found there was small difference between work forces and adult females. This was in blunt contrast to the differences in degrees of activity already discussed in the specific countries. Hamann et Al. ( 2004 ) discourse the possible mechanisms by which these differences in activation can be explained. Either there could be a difference in the manner that work forces and adult females process these stimulations, or they could be a consequence of different degrees of rousing. In add-on, it could be a combination of these two factors. The former is known as the processing hypothesis and the latter is known as the arousal hypothesis. Hamann et Al. ( 2004 ) argue that their consequences back up the processing hypothesis because work forces still showed higher degrees of activation even when their existent rousing was nt every bit high as the adult females in this survey. The unfavorable judgment of this survey are based around the fact that it there are many physiological and psychological facets of rousing that are non decently understood and the differences seen in encephalon map could be a consequence of these instead than specific gender related processing differences. One illustration of an alternate hypothesis is that the differences observed are the consequence of the different experiences that work forces and adult females have sexually, instead than an unconditioned sexual distinction seen at the structural or functional degree. Still, these sort of consequences tend to back up the thought that there are of import differences in the manner that work forces and adult females really treat some information. These, so, are of import differences in the functional countries of the encephalon instead than merely in the construction. Other lines of research have looked at the neurobiology of eating. Del Parigi, Chen, Gautier, Salbe, Pratley, Ravussin, Reiman A ; Tataranni ( 2002 ) examined 22 work forces and 22 adult females utilizing positron emanation imaging to analyze the neuroanatomy of hungriness and of repletion. Participants were asked to fast for 36 hours before brain-imaging, and so their reaction to repletion was besides examined. The consequences showed, as in the old surveies, that there were many similarities between work forces and adult females. Del Parigi et Al. ( 2002 ) did, nevertheless, happen some important differences between work forces and adult females. They found that the neural activity in the temporal lobes of work forces as a consequence of the fasting was significantly higher than in adult females. In contrast, for the repletion status, in adult females, the neural activity in the occipital lobe was higher. As the occipital country of the encephalon is thought to be to a great exten t involved in ocular processing, the writers posit that the ocular facets of nutrient and feeding might be more of import in adult females. This is a contrasting determination to that discovered in Hamaan et Al. ( 2004 ) although, this is a different country of behavior. Apart from that, the writers found that countries of the encephalon that are more associated with emotional processing were more extremely activated in work forces as a consequence of hungriness. When the participants were later fed with a liquid repast, nevertheless, neocortical countries, those that are more associated with planning and the senses, were more extremely activated in adult females than in work forces. In contrast though to old findings, this survey did non happen any sex differences in the operation of the hypothalamus. The deficiency of these findings was attributed by the writers to jobs with their experimental method. Some farther unfavorable judgments of this survey are addressed by the writers. Beginnings of mistake are to be found in the imagination equipment and in the statistical analysis of the information. The survey does besides stretch some of its findings to suit the hypotheses about the differences between the encephalons of work forces and adult females. The writers discuss, for illustration, the male reaction to hunger being located in the posterior cingulate. Pulling on other research, Del Parigi et Al. ( 2002 ) argue that this country regulates the reaction to aversive stimulations. Hunger, as an aversive stimulation, might trip this country, but merely in work forces. Del Parigi et Al. ( 2002 ) argue that this might stand for an country in which a sex difference can be seen. The job with this thought is that it represents a figure of rational springs from the information they have really obtained in this experiment, and should non be taken as strong grounds. In malice of these restrictions and criticisms the survey does supply the footing for farther research in this country. A general unfavorable judgment of the sort of surveies discussed in this essay is that, while there is an association between differences in encephalon activation or construction, this does non intend that these differences are caused by biological factors or biological differences between work forces and adult females. They could be the consequence of societal factors that affect a individual over life-time and cause alterations in the manner that, on norm, their encephalons are structured and in the manner that they function. This is, possibly, easier to reason for functional factors, instead than structural factors, but nevertheless it is an of import counter-argument. In decision, the research reviewed here shows that there are definite discernible differences in both the construction and map of male and female human encephalons. These differences have been found in countries such as the hypothalamus. Sexual behavior, amongst other factors, have been implicated as the consequence of these differences. Apart from structural differences, there are besides of import differences in functional countries. Early research has shown some overall prejudices in metabolic map that may associate to some psychological sex differences, such as those found in linguistic communication and spacial abilities. More recent research has found differences in the manner that the amygdaloid nucleus and hypothalamus respond to ocular sexual stimulation in work forces and adult females. In add-on, farther research has found some limited connexions between fasting, repletion and little functional differences in the encephalon. Overall, these surveies show some sexual distinc tion between the encephalons of work forces and adult females, although the differences are normally elusive and easy outweighed by the similarities. It should be noted that much of this research is still at an early phase, as is much of the research into encephalon map, and so the consequences are needfully inconclusive.Mentions Del Parigi, A. , Chen, K. , Gautier, J. F. , Salbe, A. D. , Pratley, R. E. , Ravussin, E. , Reiman, E. M. , Tataranni, P. A. ( 2002 ) Gender differences in the human brain’s response to hungriness and repletion.American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 75 ( 6 ) , 1007-1022. Gur, R. C. , Mozley, L. H. Mozley, P. D. Resnick, S. M. Karp, J. S. Alavi, A. , Arnold, S. E. Gur, R. E. ( 1995 ) Sexual activity differences in regional intellectual glucose metamorphosis during a resting province,Science, 267 ( 5197 ) , 528-31 Hamann, S. , Herman, R. A, Nolan, C. L. , Wallen, K. ( 2004 ) Work force and adult females differ in amygdala response to ocular sexual stimulation.Nature Neuroscience, 7 ( 4 ) , 411-6. Swaab, D. F. , Hofman, M. A. ( 1995 ) Sexual distinction of the human hypothalamus in relation to gender and sexual orientation,Tendencies in Neuroscience, 18, 264–270.

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Professional Ethics Essay Example

Professional Ethics Essay Example Professional Ethics Essay Professional Ethics Essay It is a well-known fact that audit raises number of questions involving the question of ethics as it plays an important role in each organization. . Ethics evaluates actual merits, social concerns and risks associated with auditing and enterprise. Simply saying ethics can be considered acceptable behavior and can refer to morality. Actually ethics represents individual conscience, individual judgments and principles called ethical values. It is a matter of fact that ethics issues nowadays are moral standards which are enforced in society by social pressure, law and police. It seems that ethics, especially professional ethics, is misunderstood by society and people pay less attention to its role. Nevertheless if a person looks deeper, it is apparent that ethics plays a crucial role in society, because it is the basis of understanding and the source of wisdom. The paper â€Å"Developing a Code of Ethics† addresses the core ethical principles within each organization. It is suggested that professional ethics define methods to be used by auditors with decision-making process. The paper provides recommendations how to build credible and ethical culture, defines the code of ethics and its main constituents, examines the standards of professional behavior and, finally, discusses ethics in financial reporting and recordkeeping. The authors argue that because of recent scandals professional ethics should be paid more attention. Also revised sentencing guidelines provide new opportunities for all companies to develop and maintain effective ethics program. Actually, the question how to develop a code of ethics is matter of interest of managers, attorney, auditors and boards. It goes without saying that there is no single definition of code of ethics. Nevertheless, the authors define the code of ethics as â€Å"a statement of the values adopted by the company, its employees and its directors. It sets the official ‘tone at the top’ regarding expected behavior†. However, it is outlined that code of ethics shouldn’t be confused with a detailed statement of how auditors and other employees should handle dilemmas. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a handbook which will address the issues of gender discrimination at the workplace and employee discipline. Actually, the issues raised in the paper relate to the course topic â€Å"Professional Ethics†. The article touches not only theoretical aspects how to build ethical culture, the paper discusses the role of professional ethics and provides relevant recommendations how to improve personnel behavior and to increase the role of ethics within organization. The paper is a detailed guidance how to develop code of ethics paying special attention to confidentiality of information, employee empowerment and environmental stewardship. The paper is a coherent, well-organized and coercive study of a subject. Actually, all aspects of code of ethics are highlighted by the authors. Their recommendations and conclusions assist organizations in building ethical culture, because professional ethics is a core of success. It is necessary to agree with author that code of ethics shouldn’t be exhaustive; instead, it should guide both directors and employees in required direction. Apparently, the code of ethics can’t cover all possible conflict situations, managers and auditors are expected to use good judgments and to ask questions of interest. The next positive moment is that paper underlines the importance of integrity, accountability, fairness, safety and corporate citizenship. It is suggested that when working with clients, professional auditor seeks fair and open procedures and communication. The authors discuss also the upholding the values of the corporation stating that employees are expected to â€Å"deal honestly and fairly with consumers, suppliers and others having dealings with the cooperative†. However, the paper pays less attention to conflicts of interest. Conflict of interest may prevent and affect any fulfilling of duties and responsibilities in research, administration, management and instruction processes. Apparently, conflicts of interest negatively affect the working process. Emerging of a conflict is a potentially dangerous event as it provides distortion of goals, processes and outcomes.

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Familial Duty and Responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 13

Familial Duty and Responsibility - Essay Example In the east, familial duty is extremely important. This duty creates a bond between family members that help create a strong society. One example of the loyalty is towards the elderly. Children feel a duty to care for elderly parents. Instead of placing their elderly in nursing homes or elderly retirement centers, it is common for three or four generations to live under one roof. This not only helps the elderly but the whole family unit. Both parents can work outside of the home, while grandparents can watch their grandchildren. This helps family finances by eliminating not only the cost of caring for an elderly parent outside the home but the cost of daycare as well. The advantages of having several generations in one house can benefit more than the family, but society as a whole. If grandparents are home when children go and come home from school, children are less likely to get into trouble. If a child does get into trouble, an adult is there to handle the problem. Teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, criminal activity, and other mischiefs would be controlled by a loving grandparent. Another example of how familial loyalty could benefit Americans would be in the marriage. In the east, duty comes first. Marriage is a duty. In America, many individuals do what makes them individually happy, not what makes others happy. Extramarital affairs and divorce are common. This breaks the familial unit. For Americans to embrace and benefit the eastern way of life, marriage would have to be taken more seriously. When an individual does what makes them happy, then others around them do the same. Americans have forgotten to treat people how they want to be treated. Why would children want to take care of parents that put them through messy divorces? Divorced parents do not understand why children grow up so bitter.  Ã‚